Yoga Pose Benefits

Angel Wings

Can be done standing up or lying down. Gives children something to focus on rather than being still. Breathing in as the arms go up and out as the arms go down. Slows us down and great before bed time.

Boat Pose

Great for the core and being balanced. Strengthens not only the core but the spine too. Helps relieve stress and improves digestion.

Dog Pose

This is the most amazing pose! Helps with everything from greasy hair, spots tiredness to depression and jet lag. Builds strength in arms and legs. Helps to manage big emotions and change perspective. Lots of children cave this position as it gives a rush to the head, clearing negative thoughts.

Dolphin Pose

Strengthens arms and a is a great way to build to a head stand. Stretches hamstrings and calves. Brings flexibility to spine, great for sports players. Opens shoulders and chest.

Regulates digestion.

Eagle Pose

Great for children who are very serious or perfectionists. Strengthens arms, legs, knees and ankles. Creates space between shoulder blades. Increases circulation. Improves balance and focus.

Giggle Breath

This pose releases endorphins when we laugh and boosts Oxytocin and releases the happy hormone. This improves out immune system and re-energises the body. The release of Serotonin helps with anxiety, depression and aids sleep.

Giraffe pose

Standing tall on the tips of your toes and walking, great all over stretch. Fosters focus and balance. Increases flexibility and strengthens abdominal muscles. Helps with confidence that walking tall, proud feeling.

Lion Pose

Releases emotions and tension in the face and chest. Improves circulation to eyes and face.

Helps with throat, asthma and respiratory tract. Helps with anger issues and teaches a healthy outlet for big emotions.

Mountain Pose

Realigns the spine after sitting. Great to bring children back into calmness if they are full of energy, particularly when changing tasks or lessons.

Snake Pose

The sss sound is great for phonics and builds strength and flexibility in the lower back.

Stimulates the abdominal organs. Helps disperse anxiety that is stored in the stomach. Manages stress, fatigue and headaches.

Sun Pose

Great for balance, strengthen the arms, legs and creates awareness of the body and how we can move it from side to side in a strong balanced way. Enhances flexibility and co-ordination. Improves concentration and focus, which also leads to better self-esteem.

Tickle Toes

Bending forward is wonderful for an overall stretch and lengthens the hamstring, which helps so many problems such as lower back pain. Hanging upside down is so good for us, as the blood rushes to our head and clears our mind, leaving us full of energy.

Tree Pose

Builds a good core, teaches how to be flexible and strong at the same time. Teaches present moment awareness. Develops balance and posture

Warriors Pose

Totally powerful pose in the body takes lots of strength to hold this pose. Helps with confidence and body awareness.