Step 6 – Meditation

Meditation and Mindfulness are tools to help children slow down and become aware of their own thoughts. This increases their awareness and will help them expand their ability to master their own emotions and stay balanced and focused.

Meditation brings huge calmness and peace. There have been many Studies to prove that meditation helps improves all aspects of our health, most notably changing our brain structure so that we have more capacity to process/retrain information.

With children we can use mandalas, guided stories and music to make meditation more fun.

We have put a small version in the back of the book for you to photocopy or alternatively you can go to the website and print A4 versions for free.

  • Turn down the light and play some instrumental soft music and set the scene for relaxing meditation.
  • Use one colour at a time and let the children see you colouring too.
  • This could be for 30 seconds to 10 minutes.
  • No need to finish the mandala in one sitting, bringing it our over several occasions teaches the children delayed gratification, a muscle we all need to work in this fast paced world.