Step 5 – Continued

Charging Water

  • Take a look on the back of your cards you will see that there are lots of positive words.
  • Pick a card, you can choose or you can pick one at random.
  • Then place your water bottle on the card, to charge up.
  • Make sure you drink all your water so you are charging up your body with the positive word.

Charging yourself

  • Choose a word that you like or want to feel more of.
  • You can choose one of the positive Magick cards or you can piece of paper and use that.
  • Place the card on the floor and have the positive word facing
  • Stand on the card/ word
  • Put your hand on your heart and repeat the following three tim
  • “I AM XXXX – your word so for example “I AM CALM” x 3

Charging a group

  • Choose four cards, with words that you would like the children to feel more of for example: Focus, Calm, Love and Kind
  • Place them either in the corners of the room or in a line.
  • Get the children to line up behind the one they feel most drawn to.
  • Get each child in turn to stand on one of the cards
  • Put their hand on their heart and repeat the following three times:
  • “I AM XXXX – their word so for example “I AM Focused” x 3
  • When all the line has had a turn, they can sit down to indicate their group has finished.
  • Talk to them how they felt before and afterwards.

Great Positive affirmations for children