Step 4 – Magick Yoga Games

Using a set of the Magick Yoga Cards. There are many games to be played, check out our newsletter for a new game every month.

The cards feature not only the yoga pose, but also the energy associated with that pose and suggested activities children can do to harness that energy throughout the day.


This element helps us get the job done. Works really well with very excitable children or day dreamers (there is nothing wrong with that) and finds it hard to get into action then Earth Poses are great for grounding and getting ready to learn.


This element is all about emotions, as adults we know how to process emotions, when we are upset we go to the gym, grab a coffee with our friends etc. A child doesn’t have these options , so water poses are so good for releasing emotions that we no longer need.


This element is to help the mind, to work our problems, class or homework, critical thinking.


This element is the spark of creation, invention and imagination. Everything around us came from someone’s imagination and children are the best inventors. To help them keep creating the most fantastic inventions we need the fire element in our life.