Make a circle sitting cross-legged.

• Say hi to one another, give each other a wave and be sure you make eye contact.

• You can go around the circle and look everyone in the eyes

• Set your intention – Send out love, kindness etc.

• Put your hands on your heart and take a big deep breath in, think of what you want to fill your heart with e.g. Love

• When we breathe out our Ohmm we are going to send that –

• Ourselves first and then to

• The circle, and then to

• Family (or your choice, see below for examples).

Sending love to ourselves -It is important we teach children self-love, it helps with confidence and self esteem and ultimately taking pride In themselves and their achievements.

Sending to the circle – increasing oxytocin and bonding with peers, with this and eye contact, we have seen a decrease in peer-to-peer conflict.

Sending love out to the world, family, disasters empowers children, as they don’t often get to make decisions for themselves, and it gives them a sense of control, when often they can feel overwhelmed when they overhear about earthquakes, homelessness etc.

Ohming has been well documented on its extreme calming effect that it has on the body and mind. It decreases our blood pressure and helps our heartbeat with regular rhythm, calming down the Central nervous system.