Game 4 – Magick Yoga Flow

  • You can do this in pairs or groups or on your own
  • Choose three or four cards
  • Decide what order you would like to do the poses.
  • Do each pose one after another in the order that you choose and repeat that flow three times.
  • You can pick more or less cards
  • You can also choose to create Magick flows using the Elements or flows to help with anger, anxiety, to help you be more calm or more confident. See examples below;

Anxiety Flow

Cow, Cat, Dog, Tickle toes, Crystal

Confidence Flow

Sun, Tree, Giraffe, Boat, Warrior.

Calm Flow:

Crystal, Tree, Dog, Warrior

Anger Management Flow

Mountain, Lion, Dog, Angel Wings,

*See list of Benefits for each of the Foundation poses at the back of the book.