About The Author

Dr KATE BARTRAM-BROWN founded Mini Me Yoga when she noticed that positive thinking methods that adults were learning weren’t being taught to children.

After selling her previous business, which had been nominated for many business awards, including Grazia Business Woman of the Year, Kate decided that she would take some time out, indulge in her love of yoga and write children’s self-help books. Using her background in film and TV, business and healing she set about creating a world in which children and grown-ups alike could have fun and grow together.

Fast forward to the present day and we have Mini Me Yoga, with a range of positive thinking products and a 15 Minutes a Day program for children taught to teachers and parents across the globe.

Says Kate, “I understand that modern life causes huge stress on children and their parents, it is our mission to bring joy to children across the world.

“Our results have gone from strength to strength and Mini Me won’t sit still.

We are always moving forward, we are always learning, and always ready to accommodate the next situation. No two children are the same so we have to make sure our products and programs teach each child in their own way. We believe we have a program that ensures this, as we empower the children, we allow them to create, take charge, have fun and learn whilst keeping physically fit.”

Kate also believes that to be able to help others she must also grow. Each year she studies with a school of metaphysics in the lineage of King Solomon, learning ancient techniques that our ancestors used and passed down to many powerful and royal families over millennia.

These teachings allow Kate to fulfill her other dream which is to help grown-ups be free from stress, anger, fear and the trappings of our modern life. As a healer, guide and teacher she travels the world providing classes on Sacred Geometry, Meditation, Stress Relief and is also certified to offer initiations which have been handed down for over 3000 years from masterto teacher.

To learn more about her healing and workshops please email: Kate@iqmclinic.com