Keep Calm and Go Back to School!

We all get those back to school nerves- teachers, school support staff, parents, and of course our children. After a long summer break, the transition back to school can be difficult, especially if your child is starting a new school, or moving up a key stage. Here at Mini Me Yoga, we are here to help. By using tools such as kids yoga and positive thinking, we can help release those nerves AND have fun at the same time!

Foundation Yoga Pose: Lion Pose
Lion Pose is great for letting go of our frustrations and insecurities. Its element is water, which is connected to our emotions.

Stand with feet apart, or kneel. Bring hands up with palms facing forward and fingers spread. Take a deep inhale. Open the mouth, stick out the tongue and exhale completely, making an “ahhh” sound.

Next, place your hand on your chest and repeat “I am calm” x3.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy school year ahead!

Dr Kate Bartram Brown, Founder of Mini Me Yoga

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