“I Am LOVE!”

Valentines’ day is all about LOVE! Enjoy these love-filled games and activities from Mini Me Yoga founder, Dr Kate.

Please pick the LOVE card from our Magick Yoga Card pack and practice the dog pose

Charge up your water with “LOVE”

Make LOVE stickers and stick ok everything you can (or are allowed to) your laptop, shoes, coat, lunch box, food, fruits etc.

Tell the plants in your home that you LOVE them

Enjoy some LOVE colouring in with our positive word printable colouring pagesExperiment for the month

Cut an apple in half
Tell one half you LOVE it everyday
Tell the other half it’s a fool, you hate it
Monitor how each half of the apple looks
Why not take a photo each day – we would love to see your experiment!
* top tip – keep the two halves apart


Dr Kate Bartram Brown, Founder of Mini Me Yoga

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