Hello Wonderful Me!

We all have that inner voice that tells us how great we are when things are going well, a bit like an ‘inner cheerleader’. Maybe you have just received a good grade, or someone has given you a compliment. It feels good doesn’t it? But, that same inner voice can also tell us how rubbish we are when we things are not going so well. This not-so-kind voice is known as the ‘inner critic’, or ‘negative ego’. One way to help us silence the inner critic is to remind ourselves of how great we are, and we can do that by writing ourselves a positive letter.

Maybe choose a day when your inner cheerleader is particularly loud- listen to all those positive things about yourself! Yes, you are wonderful!

Next, write yourself a letter to remind you of all those positive things. This could be a simple list, or you could get really creative and use photos and words to make a collage.

You choose how you want to celebrate you.

You might even want to include some things that help you to feel this way; your favourite songs, favourite activities to do, favourite people to talk to.

When you have finished, put your letter in an envelope and keep it in a safe place.

If you find yourself having “one of those days”, remember your positive letter and try reading it out loud to remind yourself how wonderful you really are.

About Fiona Roberts

Fiona has worked with children and families for over 17 years, in various education and support roles. Fiona has a background in Psychology, Early Years Professional Status and a Certificate in Parent-Child Therapy. Fiona works therapeutically with children and parents, promoting healthy attachments and communication within family relationships, as well as supporting families to manage challenging situations through tailored strategies and guidance.

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