Heart Mandala Activity

Lisa Davies, Mini Me Yoga Ambassador for South West London, shares her Heart Mandala activity, which she uses with her reception children to support their mental health and wellbeing. Why not try this activity at home with your own children, or with the children you work with? 🙂

You will need:

Heart Mandala- copy the image below, or find your own printable mandala on the internet

3 Colouring pencils/pens/crayons in Yellow, Red and Green

About Lisa Davies

Lisa is the Ambassador for South West London. She has over 22 years experience of working with children aged 0-14 years in a variety of settings including Nurseries, Schools and with private families in their homes. She was inspired to help children develop their mental well-being tools after seeing first hand not only the pressure that schools and exams place on children from a young age, but the devastating effects on children involved in family break ups and bereavement.

You can find Lisa at www.facebook.com/miniemyogasouthwestlondon

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