Finding Balance with Magick Words!

As we finish school and prepare for summer holidays with new guidelines constant changing, it can be a trying time for everyone. But guess what?! Us Mini Me Yogis have a secret… a secret that you can share with anyone you like. Of course it takes a little bit of focus and practice, but everyone can create this Magick!

For this exercise, you will need your Magick Yoga Cards. If you don’t have these yet, you can write down some positive words on small pieces of card e.g. calm, balanced, happy etc.

Take a deep breath

Close your eyes


Listen to 3 breaths

Open your eyes and pick a card

Read the special message on the back of the card for you, or for the person you are sharing the secret with

Say it out loud

“I am calm” (or whatever it is)

If you feel you want another card, or another 10 cards, pick them out in order and read the words

Repeat them


Repeat them


Repeat them


The cells in our body respond to vibration (grownups it’s called epigenetics- if you want more info check out our research paper). Our cells change and help us shift any yucky feelings or emotions, allowing us to let them go and move on! When people are angry or upset, the best thing to do is take a breath and read our affirmations, bringing us back to that centred, balanced place.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy summer,

Dr Kate Batram Brown, Founder of Mini Me Yoga


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