Eye of the Storm

Kate-Bartram Brown created a system of kids yoga and mindfulness to provide a safe space for children and parents to connect on a regular basis that invites joy, reconciliation, gentleness, and playfulness. Finding a joyful approach to parenting is infinitely constructive.


When we make a conscious decision to open our hearts to our children, we invite deep healing for both us and our child; and this can be so important when we go through a growth period with our child, losing perspective and taking their intense behaviors personally. By allowing ourselves the gift of those 15 minutes each day we elevate ourselves to our True center, refilling our cup, and connecting to the angels of our better nature. By doing this we are reminding our child of their goodness, when we have both forgotten.


When we make the decision to be in this place of Love, we find deep self-forgiveness and effortlessly forgive our children- for simply being children. Being a parent is the hardest job any adult will ever have. It is an invitation to be a guide to a young soul on their journey towards self-fulfillment in this life. They will make copious mistakes, as we have in our own lives, that will shake and challenge us to our core. The hardest thing for us to do, when they’re doing that is to have enough detachment and security in ourselves to continue to support them in their process, even when their process is directly aimed at us. As adults, it is our responsibility to self-soothe in a constructive way, hold the boundaries, and not justify, argue, defend, or explain, to our children in the middle of their storm.


Our goal and our role at Mini Me Yoga is to support adults and the children in their lives with a reminder of that sweet place of home within, where we remember that we are all in this together. By taking those deep belly breaths and opening our hearts to each other, we remember to gently and playfully exhale back into joy and reset.


Judgement is not the Mini Me Yoga way, children and parents of all ages, kinds, and backgrounds each carry a unique perspective. It is our deepest foundational value that all of those perspectives are right, and nobody is wrong. It is possible to hold two different perspectives in the same light without being wrong. We want both children and parents to be right- everybody is and worthy of being heard.

From our hearts to yours, deep love and respect.


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This week’s blog was written by Heather McCrae, of Mini Me Yoga Canada, and Kate Boucher, of Mini Me Yoga New England. Together they have 40 years of collective experience with children and families as nannies and educators. Heather and Kate are passionate about making the world a better place, by being the change they want to see reflected in the world. Heather and Kate believe that with strong boundaries and copious joy, everything good is possible. Keep up with the laughter and insights of each of them, by liking Mini Me Yoga Canada on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Mini Me Yoga New England on Facebook and Twitter!

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