Elizabeth Kerry of Norland Nanny College talks top childcare tips and Mini Me Yoga ….

1.) How did Norland become the world leader in child care?
Emily Ward, the Founder of Norland College, was a pioneer and ahead of her time. She realized that young girls who looked after other people’s children should have some form of formal training and qualification. Since 1892 we have continued to embrace early years practice, research and changes in society. We continuously update and adapt our approach in all areas of working with children and families, and we strongly believe that we must always work with parents and carers for the good of the child.
2.) What methods/techniques do Norland nannies believe work for children?
We recognize that each child is an individual and therefore there is no blanket answer regarding methods and techniques. The best tip I would share is to know your child, observe them to understand what makes them react in a certain manner. Working with and in partnership with parents or the main carer is also key, as well as consistency of care and messages of adult expectation.
3.) How does kids yoga/MMY 15 min program fit into being a Norland nanny?
Qualified Norlanders will be working with children with varying needs and personal preferences; yoga can accommodate this. The government initiative of encouraging children to exercise, think and eat healthily is very appropriate. Yoga, or indeed exercise of any sort should be encouraged. Yoga is open to all ages and abilities and may help in supporting children with sleeping, eating, routine tasks and their approach to certain situations.
4.) Do you believe that holistic methods help children in any way? If so, do you have an example?
I believe that holistic methods will help children, especially if they are learning to use some of the tools in their own way. One example I have experienced is a five year old child finding it hard to settle themselves to sleep, but by being taught the technique of gentle breathing to self-soothe, they were able to fall asleep quite easily and without distress.
5.) Could you give the Mini Me Yoga community (parents/teachers/ childcare providers) any top tips that your Nannies share with clients?
Enjoy your children, take time to be with them and have fun; they will quickly grow up and their childhood will be a memory.  


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