Dr Kate’s Easter Message

Happy Easter, however you choose to celebrate it! I hope that many of you are enjoying this time together as families and reconnecting. There is so much opportunity for growth with our little ones, but let’s be honest… No one said it would be easy! 

Finding the rhythm of being together 24/7 takes time. Children like routine and right now many of our routines have been disrupted, without warning. So we have had to find a new way, a new rhythm which can be fun, but also uncomfortable… But here is a secret: uncomfortable is where the magick is. If you want to grow or get better at anything, there is always a period of being uncomfortable… This is the change happening, the magick. So if you are feeling that right now, then it’s a good thing! The trick is to make sure we are growing in a positive way, towards the goals that we want. 

Here at Mini Me Yoga, we believe that being positive and saying positive words is one way we can achieve our goals, as it creates change in our mind & body. So when we are feeling down, or stressed, or just out of sorts, we can accept the feelings coming up but then let them go, to make that change to a more balanced, positive state so that it doesn’t effect our entire day, week, year. 

Our science is based on Dr Emoto water crystals and also Dr Bruce Lipton who talks about epigenetics.

We use the Dr Emoto research to help our little ones understand the power of their words. Some have questioned this research, but I think that we can all safely say that when someone says a nice word to us it makes us feel good and when someone says a horrid word it makes us feel not so good. What words are children hearing right now, on the news, in the home, online with social media? I for one, as an adult, can feel that people are scared, uncertain, stressed and hey it’s understandable… These are unprecedented times we are living in. 

So, a really quick and fun way to help bring children back to being positive, balanced, focused, happy or whatever they want to come back to, is to use the positive words on your Mini Me Yoga cards to ‘charge ‘ themselves up, or ‘charge’ their water bottles up! 

I wanted to remind us all of 6th step in our mental well-being program.

15 Minutes to Happy Healthy Kids… Step 6 

This is based on the work of a Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto and his discoveries about water and it’s reaction words or energy. Dr Emoto found a way to Photograph frozen water Molecules (crystals). He carried out lots of experiments, he played different types of music to water samples, he placed them on different pictures and even wrote words on the bottles. The water crystal that had “Thank You” spoken to it was very pretty and strong, but the water that had “You Fool” spoken to it was broken and looked very disconnected. The human body and brain is made up of over 70% water, so it is no wonder we feel horrible when people say not negative things to us, and feel uplifted when they say positive things to us. 

Charging Water

  • Take a look on the back of your cards you will see that there are lots of positive words.
  • Pick a card: you can choose, or you can pick one at random.
  • Then place your water bottle on the card, to charge up.
  • Make sure you drink all your water so you are charging up your body with the positive word.

Charging Yourself

  • Choose a word that you like or want to feel more of.
  • You can choose one of the positive Magick cards or you can write a word yourself on a piece of paper and use that. 
  • Place the card on the floor and have the positive word facing upwards
  • Stand on the card/ word
  • Put your hand on your heart and repeat the following three times:
  • “I AM ……… (your word), so for example “I AM CALM” x 3

Charging a Group

  • Choose four cards, with words that you would like the children to feel more of, for example: Focus, Calm, Love and Kind
  • Place them either in the corners of the room, or in a line.
  • Get the children to line up behind the one they feel most drawn to.
  • Get each child in turn to stand on one of the cards
  • Put their hand on their heart and repeat the following three times:
  • “I AM ……… (their word), so for example “I AM FOCUSED” x 3
  • When all the line has had a turn, they can sit down to indicate their group has finished.
  • Talk to them how they felt before and afterwards.

Great Positive affirmations for children: If you would like to read our research paper and a more in-depth explanation then check out our website: www.minimeyoga.com

This is a quick fun way to create a positive vibe in your home, any time of the day ! Let’s create a movement and have children saying positive words out loud all day… And even more fun, why don’t we join in?! 


Dr Kate Batram Brown

Founder of Mini Me Yoga

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