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Atlas Chiropractic is a Chiropractic clinic in Hampstead, North London. The practice provides specific Chiropractic care to many children and families.

Specific Chiropractic focus is on the upper cervical (neck) spine, which consists of the Atlas and the Axis vertebrae. Atlas is the first vertebra in the spine; a ring like shape that cradles the skull. Neatly tucked underneath Atlas is Axis, the second vertebra in our spine. In this area lies the junction between the brain and the spinal cord, the brainstem. It consists of millions of nerves that travel and communicate throughout the whole body. Our brainstem is what dictates every single function in our body.

Why we check children in the practice?

Many children visit Atlas Chiropractic to have a check of their nervous system. We use a state of the art technology – Thermography, to scan and read the nervous system. This enables us to determine how well the nervous system is communicating to all parts of the body. One of the fantastic parts of the scan is it provides lots of data and information, without the use of any radiation.

A child’s nervous system is what dictates their growth, development, how they reach their milestones, concentration, focus, their immune system, stress response (fight and flight) and health – to name just a few.


Following our testing and scans, if we determine the child’s nervous system is not working optimally, a specific correction to the Atlas or Axis is delivered by the Chiropractor. The correction delivered to a child’s spine is safe, gentle and not painful. It has been shown to reset the joint and nerve detecting fibres (mechanoreceptors) activity, changing the nervous system function/communication. Results show a more appropriate adaptation and response to the environment. This means they do not view the environment as stressful, or threatening. It also ensures their nervous system always works to its best potential so they can grow and develop at the best possible rate.

Most parents report that their child is calmer, sleeps better and is able to focus more easily.

If you would like to arrange a time to have a complimentary scan of your child’s nervous system, follow the link below so we can arrange to book a time for you. This is a perfect opportunity to talk through any challenges too.



Dr Sophie Rumbelow

Hampstead, London

Atlas Chiropractic opening times:
Tuesday 7:30 am- 7:30 pm
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