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Mini Me Yoga is dedicated to bringing fun into the lives of children by empowering grown-ups to share our well being programs/techniques via these fun workshops:

Our programs are taught to parents, teachers and childcare providers via a workshops, e learning or book.  We teach them what kid’s yoga and positive thinking are all about. Participants in the Mini Me Yoga 2-Hour Workshop walk away with our 15-minutes to happy, healthy kids program they can start using right away in the classroom or the home. Plus each participant receives a pack of Magick Yoga Cards which have 14 poses as well as positive words to help the grownups share yoga with their children easily.

We are currently translating our cards and
program materials into Spanish, Portuguese, Irish and French.

Studies have found that kids yoga helps them learn how to release stress, retain more information, and increase confidence and happiness, among other benefits. Positive thinking techniques increase a child’s awareness of the power of their own thoughts and give them access to being the author of their own life.

Our Ambassador program allows us to train people around the world to bring the workshop and e learning to more parents, teachers and children, thus expanding our reach and increasing the JOY. Helping get kids yoga to all children that want it.

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The Mini Me Yoga Team

Positive Children