60 Seconds to Calm

And breathe…! Did you know, connecting to your breath is the quickest way to reduce stress and tension? When we breathe deeply, the body tells the brain to calm down, let go, relax, and de-stress.

Just for today, perhaps you could gift yourself or a loved one 60 seconds of stress busting, by simply focusing on the basic breath.

The Basic Breath

If you are practicing this by yourself, use a timer that makes a sound, like a phone or egg timer.

If you are practicing with another person, you can each take turns at timing each other using a clock or watch. You can even guide each other through this activity, as a little reminder to stay on track.

Set your timer for 60 seconds and begin.

Become aware of your breathing – inhaling and exhaling. No strain, just relaxing. Just listening to your breath.


Notice how your chest rises and falls with each breath.

Breathe deeply.

Notice the coolness of the breath as it comes in through the nose.

Notice how the breath feels as it reaches the back of the throat.

Let go.

Allow your breath to become slow and calm.

When the 60 seconds are up, notice how you feel.

You can practice taking slow and gentle breaths for as long as you like.

Dr Kate Bartram Brown, Founder of Mini Me Yoga

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