2017 Manchester OM Yoga Show!

What an experience for the Mini Me Yoga team exhibiting at the OM Yoga Show in Manchester, UK. Although we were really excited to be there, there were two very special people who stole the limelight and became the stars of the show; Bella and Sebastian who took lead roles in our Mini Me Yoga demos instructing groups of adults on how to do yoga poses! They were just totally awesome! And so was our Ashley, one of our Ambassadors, leading it! It was amazing to see how children naturally lend themselves to yoga with no embarrassment factors or the thought of getting it wrong.

Within our Mini Me Yoga programmes we are promoting the exploration and imperfections of kids yoga and just through love, support and encouragement wanting them to have a go for themselves building their confidence and self-esteem. The vibe and energies surrounding the show and the purpose of people coming together was extremely positive and friendly. Such a wonderful atmosphere to be part of, promoting both physical and emotional well-being of adults and children. There was fantastic healthy food brought to us by The Garden Natural, a lovely selection of vegetarian and vegan food, it made us think about looking after our own bodies and what we are putting into it, although Vicki- another one of our Ambassadors, still needs her chocolate fix!

Something that really stood out to us was how adults were all on the same wave length wanting to work together to do more to empower children; building their self-esteem, confidence, happiness levels and providing children with life skills and strategies to use! Also, how yoga is for everyone and we are doing it to spread the love and bond families.  A lot of people were surprised but impressed at how you could do two hours training with us and use yoga in daily life for many benefits, they thought you had to have hours and hours of training and possibly travel around the world to be able to access this!

Alongside this was the connection we had with other vendors exhibiting; who were not there to make money but to make connections with other people, other companies and promote a positive way of life and thinking. e.g. The power of Grey Skull who wanted to collaborate to hold a competition for children to design their own yoga outfit. Amazing! Giving the children choice, individuality, making ideas into reality, and developing creativity.

We have to say it was brilliant to be a part of the weekend and take Mini Me Yoga to Manchester – God knows we need that Vibe this week! Sending all of our love to the families in Manchester.


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