Leaf Sailing


There is so much fun to have with the falling leaves.

Collect a few that are crisp and dry.

You can use them as sails to go on your adventure across the seas!

Hold the leaf up to your mouth, ready to set sail…

But first!

Imagine you are on a ship…

Where are you going?

What animals will you see?

Are there any magical creatures that live there?

Can the trees talk?

What kind of people live there?

Do you have a map? Maybe you can draw one before you set sail.

Have you got your captains hat on?

When you are completely ready, start blowing the leaf, holding it up to your mouth and away you go…!

What music can you hear as you imagine yourself on the high seas?

Keep blowing…

Breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Keep going until you land.

Enjoy your adventure and when you are ready to set sail again, you know you can simply blow into your magical sail (leaf) to take you anywhere you wish.

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