Mini Me Yoga is focused on bringing the joy of yoga into a child’s
life through a simple, fun programme that can be done in the home,
classroom, nursery, community groups etc. We offer a range of workshops to
parents, teachers, childcare providers etc. on how to bring 15 minutes
of yoga and positive thinking (or longer) into a child’s daily life.

No Yoga experience is needed, just the will to have fun !

15 Minutes to Happy, Healthy Kids

Mini Me Yoga is dedicated to bringing fun into the lives of children by empowering grown-ups to share our workshops,

Our programs are taught to parents, teachers and childcare providers via a workshops, e learning or book.  We teach them what kid’s yoga and positive thinking are all about.

Participants in the Mini Me Yoga 2-Hour Workshop walk away with our 15-minutes to happy, healthy kids program they can start using right away in the classroom or the home. Plus each participant receives a pack of Magick Yoga Cards which have 14 poses as well as positive words to help the grownups share yoga with their children easily.